Updated July 13, 2009

Persona 3 Tarot

Launch Database

Work dates – Sunday May 11, 2008 to Wednesday June 11, 2008

Created with Adobe Photoshop CS

So you are probably wondering why I did this, right? Well, there are a couple of reasons, but the main reason is I am a big fan of Persona 3. I wanted high-resolution scans of the tarot cards from the game, so there was no other choice but to turn on Photoshop and start vectoring.

Now I am sure that some of you are asking, "But Alex! Why didn't you use Illustrator? It is a better program for vectoring!" My response is that I find Illustrator too difficult to use for such an intricate and experimental project because it doesn't have a history toolbox.

The second reason I wanted to make high-resolution scans of these tarot cards was to expand my knowledge of Photoshop. At the time, I felt I had not grown my abilities as a graphic designer and I had gotten stuck in a rut. I knew that some of the designs on the tarot cards of Persona 3 would be very challenging (even if all I was essentially doing was tracing).

The last reason I wanted to vector these tarot cards is because of one of my college professors used tarot as a rhetoric teaching tool in a class and I became interested in researching this idea further. I wanted to explore the Persona 3 tarot in order to revitalize my knowledge of reading the cards and also to have access to a deck that inspired me. I enjoy the psychological side of tarot, which works as a tool for analyzing the subconcious much like a Rorschach ink blot test. If you are feeling inspired to learn about tarot yourself I highly recommend this site—http://www.learntarot.com/

Just a few closing notes—yes, I know that Temperance and Fortune are spelled wrong. I did that intentionally because that is the way they were spelled on the original Japanese scans that I used. I was going for some degree of authenticity. I am also aware that the minor arcana (aside from the kings) are not arranged the same way that they are in the video games. This is because I felt that the minor arcana were my opportunity to be creative with the arrangements of the symbols. I tried my best to create meaning behind the positions of the coins, cups, swords and wands.

Special thanks—Kei http://www.dokuganryu.com/ Thank you for providing me with a high-resolution scan of the Aeon major arcana from the S.E.E.S. Persona 3 fanbook. The Aeon arcana in this collection would not have turned out so good without your help.

Xcomp http://xcomprandomness.co.uk/ Thank you for providing me with high-resolution scans of the King minor arcana from the S.E.E.S. Persona 3 fanbook. These four cards would not have turned out so good without your help.

Updated December 16, 2009

Web Design Sample Site

.jpg / .html

Work date – October 2009

Created with Adobe Dreamweaver CS3

I was requested to design a website based on the layout of a jpeg I was provided.

This project presented new challenges because the instructions from the client were so specific. I welcomed this change of circumstances in order to test my skills.

Updated August 28, 2009

Pokémon Battle Revolution / Professional Bull Riding Parody


Work dates – December 2008 to April 2009

Created with Adobe Photoshop CS

When I first heard of Pokémon Battle Revolution I realized the acronym for this video game was PBR, which also happens to be the abbreviation for Professional Bull Riding. Knowing that there is a Pokémon that resembles a bull, it was easy to correlate the main character of the Pokémon anime with bull riding.

While I have some experience as a drawing artist, it is not my forté. The original draft of this project was drawn by a friend of mine. I took the drawing, scaned it, and vectored it, trying to stay as true to my friend's original linework as possible. I would still like to attempt to add shadows to the scan in the future.